Perceptual Learning Research & Applications to Learning Technology

Perceptual Learning Technology in Mathematics Education

The objective of this study is to measure the effect of a suite of interactive, adaptive, computer-based perceptual learning modules on 6th-grade mathematics achievement.

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Insight Learning Technology, Inc.

A learning technology company applying cutting-edge research in cognitive science to achieve breakthroughs in computer-based learning.

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PennLincs: Linking Theory & Research to Education

PENNlincs is a research and development group that links recent theory and research in cognitive science to education efforts in public schools, cultural institutions, and higher education.

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Vision Research

Center for Image and Vision Science at UCLA

The Center for Image and Vision Science was established in 2002, affiliated with the departments of Statistics, Computer Science, and Psychology at UCLA. Our research interest is to pursue a general unified computational theory underlying visual perception and learning, and to build highly intelligent computer systems which understand real world imagery and interact with people and the real environment.

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Vision Science Internet Resource

An Internet Resource for Research in Human and Animal Vision

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